Why invest in equity crowdfunding ?

Investing in new generation companies has a real impact on their success on the market. INVESTOOR is not responsible for the information provided by issuers, nor for their recommendations and opinions. Crowdfunding is an option in which you know where the money went and what it will be allocated to. All projects presented on the INVESTOOR crowdfunding platform are subject to verification and a compound analysis
with 40 control points. There are several models of crowdfunding – one of them is equity crowdfunding, also called crowdinvesting. An investor also receives documents confirming their transfer of invested funds in the form of shares. In addition, crowdfunding is a huge amount of choice – the investor has the opportunity to bet on both foreign and regional projects, thus contributing to the development of local economy.
The principle of equity crowdinvesting
Science and experience

Just a few years ago, investing was connected with the need to have a lot of capital, extensive knowledge and numerous contacts, which was associated with rather strong, wealthy characters who efficiently operated in the broadly understood business. This solution is completely legal, safe and transparent in terms of rules. With the payments made by the community, an enterprise can implement its project, launching e.g. The solution is available to everyone – the INVESTOOR crowdfunding platform is a great opportunity for debutants to enter the world of investment and take their first steps in the industry. Financial help in implementing innovative ideas is not only an interesting experience, but also brings a lot of satisfaction. a service, creating a product or organising a venture. Below are the reasons why you should become involved in this type of investments.

Interesting projects

Equity crowdfunding is an opportunity to participate in launching and developing innovative, unconventional projects with high potential. At all times the investor also has direct contact with the entrepreneur he supported.
In equity crowdfunding, the “win-win” principle applies, which means that a company’s success is the win of each party. However, if the full amount cannot be collected, then the payments are returned to investors who are involved in the project.

. There is probably no better way than crowdfunding to learn and accumulate experience in this area.

Contact with the best

Acquiring knowledge is one of the biggest benefits of equity crowdfunding, but you cannot forget that this solution also allows you to quickly reach interesting entrepreneurs, investors, Business Angels and experts. Crowdfunding means many entities supporting operation of companies, often just on the threshold of their development. However, it is worth remembering that the information contained on this site was provided by issuers who are responsible for their content. In total it translates into raised self-confidence and increasingly efficient operating in the industry.

Clear principles

When you opt for equity crowdfunding, you do not have to worry about unclear rules. Crowdfunding is therefore constant meeting of experienced people, an ability to track their decisions and strategies and sharing insights together. Today, thanks to equity crowdfunding, which allows investing small amounts, everyone has an opportunity to try their hand in this area. Contact with people who have vision and knowledge is extremely inspiring, provides a chance to exchange valuable information and opinions and motivates to develop.

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